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In your most recent experience with S & T Assessment and Counseling Service,
was the quality of the service you received:

  Very Unsatisfactory
  Very Satisfactory
If you indicated that the service was less than satisfactory, would you please describe why?
The following questions pertain to the staff member you worked with most recently. Please rate the following (1-4) 1 agree, 2 neutral, 3 disagree, 4 strongly disagree.
The representative was very courteous.
The representative was easily accessible for contact.
The representative was very knowledgeable and competent.
The representative handled issues with courtesy and professionalism.
The representative met the consumer’s needs thoroughly and efficiently.
The representative was able to incorporate the family as a whole.
Do you feel the services have assisted with the reunification of the family (if applicable)?
How Would you rate our services overall?
    Very poor
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